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One-Way Clutch Bearings

One-Way Clutch Bearings

Manufactured by the same OE manufacturer as the OEM part. Made in Japan using highest quality components. Easy to read marked arrows to ensure proper installation without confusion. #11-914 is a sprag type bearing. 


Most aftermarket cams are made to the D-type setting, where the cam is circular on the inner side. During use, the momentum of centrifugal force pushes the center of gravity up and forces the cam to rotate, creating a space underneath the cam. This causes less reliable engine breaking and chattering noises for a generally unstable product.


Our cams are made to the E-type setting, which is the same setting used in the OEM product, where the cam is precisely cut at an angle. This promotes even pressure from momentum of centrifugal force during use, creating smooth engine breaking and more efficient use.

Distributor Phone number Location


J & M ATV 800-367-9603 TN
MAM ATV 305-250-8281 FL
McDonald ATV 800-288-6632 AR
Parts Unlimited 800-369-1000 NY, NC, WI, TX, NV


Distributeur BSL 800-463-1324 Canada
Importation Thibault  800-567-2790 Canada
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