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Carburetor Repair Kits

Carburetor Repair Kits

-Tried and tested for years by local customers in the industry.
-Made in Japan using only the best materials.
-Our award winning rubbertop float valves are made using highest quality rubber and a plated body for resistance to harsh gas, ethanol and methanol.
-Each complete kit rebuils OEM carburetors to achieve optimum performance.
-Included are main and pilot jets, jet needle sets, float valves, float chamber gaskets and o-rings.
-Idle screw sets, pilot screw sets and air screw sets also included if applicable.
-The jets included in each kit is for common sizes. According to riding conditions and riding preference,

different size jets may be used.

Distributor Phone number Location


Automatic Distributors 800-341-1658 ME, IN
K & L Supply 800-727-6767 CA
LA Sleeve 800-822-6005 CA
MAM ATV 305-250-8281 FL
Parts Unlimited 800-369-1000 NY, NC, WI, TX, NV
PeakMoto Racing 877-212-7325 CA
Sudco International 310-637-8330 CA
Western Powersports 800-999-3388 PA, IN, TN, TX, ID, CA


Distributeur BSL 800-463-1324 Canada
Importation Thibault 800-567-2790 Canada
Kimpex 800-561-6461 Canada


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