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Retro Brake Mastercylinder Kits

Retro Brake Mastercylinder Kits

Black round reservoir brake master cylinders have a classic touch.  Three piston sizes and two color combinations available.  Lever is angled to fit handlebars bent 15 degrees lower from the horizantal motorcycle position. 

*For 7/8" diameter handlebars
*Use with M10 x P1.25 banjo bolt
*Do not use DOT5 (BF5) brake fluid


• Each individual Nissin master cylinder kit is thoroughly inspected prior to shipment to ensure safety.

Distributor Phone number Locations


K & L Supply 800-727-6767 CA
Parts Unlimited 800-369-1000 NY, NC, WI, TX, NV
PeakMoto Racing 877-212-7325 CA


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