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Shindy Carburetor Repair Kits

Made in Japan - HIGH quality Equipments

Float Chamber Gasket      |      Main Jet      |     Jet Needle   |     Etc.

Shindy Products, Inc. has been proving to be successful in the industry for over 36 years. We use our expertise to manufacture Carburetor Repair Kits perfectly fitted to your carburetor. Our products are carefully manufactured to precisely meet OEM standards. Trust only Shindy Products, Inc. for your Carburetor Repair Kits. See our comparison video below for first hand knowledge on why high quality carb repair kits are necessary.

Please view the video with your SOUND ON

Included in our Carb Repair kit is a float chamber gasket. Let's explore its importance. 

Float Chamber Gasket

It is essential for the float chamber gasket to have a perfect fit so that the seals work properly and you can achieve the best performance from your motorcycle. SHINDY Float Chamber Gaskets are manufactured under strict guidelines to be identical in shape with the OEM part. Thickness of the gasket is tested regularly to be sure to meet within 0.05mm of the original part.

The next time you purchase a carburetor repair kit, be aware of the gasket inside. Other aftermarket parts are not identical in shape and thickness to the OEM part.


SHINDY gasket

Shindy carefully and skillfully create identical shapes as the original and is always within 0.05mm of thickness.


SHINDY gasket

The original gasket used on the stock motorcycle.


SHINDY gasket

Other gaskets found on the market are not created to meet the original specs. Thickness and shape are inaccurate.

No detail goes overlooked. SHINDY Carburetor Repair Kits are created with precision manufacturing, down to the detail in the bore size of each Main Jet.

Main Jets need to be bored to the correct dimensions with precise manufacturing. SHINDY main jets are meticulasly created, then quality checked by using a specially made thread gauge. The thread gauge shows proper flow rate to match the OEM part precisely.

Shindy manufacturers conducted a main jet flow test 

with Shindy main jets and other makers’ main jets and 

concluded that the flow is the same for Shindy and

OEM while the others have a higher flow rate. 

Other makers have hole diameters that aren’t straight 

and will not function smoothly, while Shindy main jets 

have precisely straight hole diameters.

Too much flow = no precision.


Jet needles controls idling and riding in low RPMs. Without accurate dimensions, stable idling is not achieved. Shindy ensures precise measurements by rigorous inspections using latest imaging equipment.

jet needle Shindy.jpg
Jet needle other.jpg

SHINDY Jet needles are manufactured to OEM specs based on Diameter, Taper angle, Length and Symmetry while others prove less precise. 

As a rider, you need full control of your throttle during acceleration coming out of low speeds. Without the correct jet needle, your ride can become uncomfortable. For your safety and comfort, always know what you are using to replace your carburetor parts.

Float valves are checked by Shindy manufacturers using air to go above and beyond for inspections. Air has smaller particles than liquid and gives us more precise measurements to ensure the quality of our valves and proper control to make sure the gas does not leak through.

Air screws are made with the highest quality material with no air pockets, making it most stable.


Slow jets are machined precisely identical to the OEM part with exact measurements of the vertical and horizontal holes all matching to the original.

Our jet needles are stamped with our unique code to make it easier to differentiate from the OEM part when repairing the carburetor kit. Other makers stamp using random numbers or the same numbers as OEM, creating confusion.

Trust Shindy

Main Jet
Jet Needles
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